Fifteen Online Indian Startups on education and careers

Traditional approach of four walls learning has changed in these days, lot of scholars and students are more inclined learn and pursue new things. Already Indian have seen lot of entrepreneurs build up their companies out of their fields, and every one shows interest on searching online to get mentors and resources to get knowledge and carve their futures. The Next Gen Indian Entrepreneurs fully observed this trend and already started handful of Indian Startups on education and career. Entrepreneurs say it is difficult to learn new skills offline, by going to a coaching center and spending time, Online education makes it easy and flexible, that is why it has a large scope in India.

Fifteen Indian Startups on education and careers


Indian Startups - (Un)Classroom

Indian Startups – (Un)Classroom

By its name suggests, it is different from traditional way of learning. (Un)classroom is fun way of learning and mastering skills online. (Un)Classroom is founded by Shrikrishna Shrin, a Stanford University grad, and Souvik Roy, from SASTRA University, with an aim to help individuals and professionals to learn with ease and in less time. (Un)Classroom has over 2000 registered students and offering certification programs in Php, Java and Facebook app dev, and a provision to request a new course.

Visit (Un)Classroom at

Skill Space Learn and Share

Indian Startups - Skill Space

Indian Startups – Skill Space

Skill Space is an online platform to find, share and learn new skills, from others similar to you. Skill Space founded by Lokesh Motwani, who believes there is a scope for Online Education. Users can register free and search professionals with their profiles and request one-on-one class, in-turn they receive invitation specifying the details of the class, fee, location and duration. Enroll and learn the new course with comfort even in a restaurant.

Visit Skill Space at and join Lokesh Motwani

Nurture Talent

Indian Startups - Nurture Talent

Indian Startups – Nurture Talent

Unlike other Indian startups on edcation, Nurture Talent is one of the few Indian Startups for entrepreneural education and empowerment. Founded by Amit Grover and Ishank Joshi, to help Next Gen entrepreneurs and make them face various challenges in starting their own companies by organizing workshops, seminars and conducting various events. Offering startup services as low as Rs. 100, one of the best programs on the web for Indian Entrepreneurs to get guidance from experts.

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Think Vidya

Indian Startups - Think Vidya

Indian Startups – Think Vidya

Think Vidya is the largest Learning Online portal in India, with huge number of professionals offering online learning services with over 16 Indian cities. Post what you want to learn, experts will see and offer their services, sort out and choose the best, this is how Think Vidya works.

Get help From Think Vidya here

Interview Street

Indian Startups - Interview Street

Indian Startups – Interview Street

An innovation in hiring Software programming professionals is Interview Street, founded by cool hackers worked from super big companies like Firefox, Amazon, GNOME, Google Summer of Code e.t.c with a sole aim of changing the futile process of selection.

Hire professionals from Interview Street at


Indian Startups - Co Cubes

Indian Startups – Co Cubes

CoCubes is not a word a reduced phrase of “Connecting Colleges Companies”. CoCubes founded by Harpreet S. Grover and Vibhore Goyal, former IIT Bombay grads, with unique vision of making every student to reach dream company or job. CoCubes helps companies to access and interact with student pool and choose cream.

Visit CoCubes and nurture your career at

Mera Career Guide

Indian Startups - Mera Career Guide

Indian Startups – Mera Career Guide

Lot of people fail in their career by opting wrong career options, Mera Career Guide is one place Online portal helping students to assess and take smart career options and opt for right choices. Founded by Surabhi Dewra and Love Chopra, Mera Career Guide offers Career Assessment and Counselling sessions to students of all age groups and all backgrounds in building their futures.

Want to create a prosperous future join Mera Career Guide at


Indian Startups - Twenty 19

Indian Startups – Twenty 19

Students can learn more by doing than just classroom teaching, internships and part time works are great way of getting knowledge, with this strong theme Karthikeyan Vijaykumar started Twenty19, by its name itself represents the ripe age of college students. Twenty19 already helped thousands of students to join internship programs and get their internship stipends, with dynamic website and offering daily internship updates Twenty19 always hot spot for many college undergrads.

Explore internships and events at

Recruiter Box

Indian Startups - Recruiter Box

Indian Startups – Recruiter Box

Companies were not used to recruiting softwares to hire their employees with a feeling it as costly, there always a need for simple and affordable recruiting software which is less time consuming and complex. With this need Recruiter Box, being a product of Aplopia Technology, founded by Raghuveer Kancherla, Girish Redekar and Raj Sheth, who like to work on innovative  tools.

Test Drive Recruiter Box at

Hello Intern

Indian Startups - Hello Intern

Indian Startups – Hello Intern

Combining companies and students to work together, Hello Intern, online portal for organisations and enthusiastic students to achieve their dream internships or interns. Hello Intern started by Angaros group, founded by four IIT Bombay students with a clear aim of connecting companies and college students at one place.

Get an Internship or intern at

Lets Intern

Indian Startups - Lets Intern

Indian Startups – Lets Intern

Lets Intern is founded by three grads, Rishab Gupta, Mayank Bhateja and Pranay Swarup, with a dream – every college student should get degree with right internship, which means getting professional experience right from the college, which carved as Lets Intern and finally launched in 2010 and still being one of the best Indian Startups on Education for providing services to students and companies.

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Angad Nadkarni and Samudra Neelam Bhuyan are the founders of Examify, portal for preparing various exams online with little efforts and easy way to crack exams online. Examify, currently listed School level exams, soon implement the same to college level. Want to join Examify, wait before that you need to request access to knowledge base.

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Indian Startups - Dezyre Online Academy

Indian Startups – Dezyre Online Academy

Binny Mathews and Omair Aasim founded Dezyre, an online academy providing courses on job related skills with faculty from IITs, and top notch companies like Yahoo, IBM. One on one tutoring and online seminars and live interactive classes are great way to learn, all combines at Dezyre. With clear aim to encourage employees and future employees to get job related knowledge and reach their dream jobs. At Dezyre you can try a free class by joining their family.

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Praveen Singh, a software tester and Naveen Kumar, IIT Bombay grad, started 99Tests to solve testing related issues. Startups are their major customers, with affordable prices they attract small businesses to get advanced testing operations at low prices.

Launching Your First product get it certified at 99Tests

Indian Startups - 99Tests

Indian Startups – 99Tests

Looking For the Fifteenth Indian Startup, See all again its here.

Thanks to Indian population, there is a huge demand for education and career related services and lot of space for new indian startups on education. Have an Idea? Start it today.

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