Food Blogger Interview Rafeeda A Raheem from The Big Sweet Tooth

This week, as part of food blogger interview series, we have upcoming food blogger Rafeeda A Raheem, from The Big Sweet Tooth. Her blog is one of the fastest growing food community blog on the web.

Let us know a brief about yourself and your education background?

Rafeeda: I am an MBA graduate, working in the purchasing field for the past 8 years and a mother of 2 little children.

How did you get attracted to cooking? Tell us a little about the journey, how long have you been in food blogging?

Rafeeda: Cooking came to me all of a sudden, when I didn’t have my mother to depend on as she was moving to India. Till then I was never interested. Once I started trying recipes, I was amazed at the way how a simple thing could make you feel so rejuvenated. That’s how I started taking a lot of interest in cooking. It’s just around 2 years when I have had some genuine interest in. My blog is just 2 months old and I am thankful to the Almighty as to how it is moving on.

Mattar Kheema Food Blogger Interview Rafeeda A Raheem from The Big Sweet Tooth

Food Blogger Rafeeda’s Mattar Kheema

Who motivated or supported you from your family?

Rafeeda: My husband is a real good support. He loves to have things a bit hatkey and wants me to experiment.

Tell us about your favorite recipes.

Rafeeda: I have no favorites. But I love anything sweet!!!

Who has been your biggest influence?

Rafeeda: My husband, of course. My mother and mother-in-law have also influenced my cooking in some way, by wanting to try to make the simple yet delicious meals that they cook.

Do you offer food consultant services on your blog to users?

Rafeeda: As of now, I am trying to develop myself and learn. So I guess consultancy can be when I am fully confident of myself.

As a food blogger, you may work as a food writer, an Author, food consultant and food photographer which one of these would you love the most?

Rafeeda: I would love to move into food photography. As of now, I am just learning the nuances of my DSLR and am squeezed of time and space. But yes, in the future, that is my direction!

When and how did you build up interest for cooking? Share with us your first cooking experience.

Rafeeda: I was never interested in cooking, just like I mentioned above. During the initial days of marriage, I could not even make a decent tea! My husband was patient enough to teach whatever he knew and I started little from there. But once my children came by and we moved to stay along with my parents, cooking came to a full stop, as my mother is the queen of her kitchen! Once she started moving to India for longer periods, about 2 years ago, I started cooking as an obligation but now it has converted into an obsession!

Is food photography similar to normal photography, how different and difficult it is?

Rafeeda: Actually, I find normal photography easier than photographing food. Making your food  look delectable is a challenge. I am in the infant stage, so I am nobody to comment on it, but I am trying to learn!!!

How important is it for the food blogger to interact with their readers? Do you respond to all the comments that you receive?

Rafeeda: I feel it is very important to keep a rapport with your readers. They are the ones who can make or break your blog. I make it a point to respond to each and every comment I receive, as I love this interaction that I am receiving.

Do you sell food items on your website or online? 

Rafeeda: No, I am not involved in it.

Do you earn revenue through monetizing your blog? How different it is from blog monetization?

Rafeeda: Even though I have enrolled in the Foodie Blogroll network, I am really not interested in monetizing my blog in a big way. Thankfully, I have my own income and food blogging is a hobby as of now.

Do you consider yourself as a food blogger or a food entrepreneur?

Rafeeda: I would prefer to see myself as a blogger for now!

Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?

Rafeeda: I am not a good planner, my plans have never been in accordance to what actually happens!!! So I have now learned to go with the flow!

Share us your free time activities, hobbies

Rafeeda: Apart from cooking, I love to read a lot, window shopping and a bit of photography!

Any advice or suggestion do you want to give to a newbie?

Rafeeda: All I want to say is to do things with a lot of interest and good intention, the perks will come automatically. Also, be humble!

Visit Rafeeda A Raheem’s blog The Big Sweet Tooth and taste her recipes.

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 Food Blogger Interview Rafeeda A Raheem from The Big Sweet Tooth

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 Food Blogger Interview Rafeeda A Raheem from The Big Sweet Tooth

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