Insta Forex FX Rally Forex Demo Contest

You might have heard about different Forex Demo contests conducted by different Forex Brokers online, Inst Forex is always innovative and famous for conducting wide variety of Forex Demo Contests  and Beauty Contests as part of their Forex Trading Business. Inst Forex has a Quick Forex Contest they call it FX 1 Rally. You like F1 Racing? This contest is also similar to that. You will be given 24 hours time duration to do all the Forex Transactions on your Forex Demo account and the winners of the Demo Contest will be announced the Following day.

Insta Forex FX Rally Forex Demo Contest 300x150 Insta Forex FX Rally Forex Demo Contest

Insta Forex FX Rally Forex Demo Contest


Insta Forex FX Rally Forex Demo Contest

Where this contest is conducted?
Insta Forex Online

Period Of the contest : 1 day (24 Hrs)

Frequency : Every Friday (single day per week or weekend)

Demo Account : Each Trader will be given a Demo account with a volume of $ 4000 USD

Forex Leverage : Every trader can make avail a Forex Leverage up to 1:500

Prize Money

1st Winner $ 500 USD

1st Winner $ 400 USD

1st Winner $ 300 USD

1st Winner $ 200 USD

1st Winner $ 100 USD

Registration Process: Open an account with Inst Forex and any traders from all over the world can participate the contest just by registering for the FX1 Rally Contest prior to the contest Begins.

It is the Quickest contest ever on the web, just one day can make any trader to earn this huge money. At least it help traders to Learn Forex Trading without investing real money and avoiding the Forex Money. That is why I always suggest Trading in Forex Demo Contest as it is a WIN WIN Game.

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Neha Juneja, Professional Forex trader and Freelance Writer with wide expertise. She mainly writes about Forex trading Strategies, this article is part of Forex Demo Contest Series. Follow All the Forex Demo Contests to win Free cash.

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 Insta Forex FX Rally Forex Demo Contest

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 Insta Forex FX Rally Forex Demo Contest

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