Interview With Padhu Founder PadhusKitchen and HealthBeautyTips

profile1 150x150 Interview With Padhu Founder PadhusKitchen and HealthBeautyTips Padhuskitchen started by Padhu in 2009 is a food blog which has a collection of over 500 Indian Vegetarian recipes, Pastries and desserts. All the recipes in Padhuskitchen are tried and tested to perfection by her. Her recipes are quick, healthy and made very simple with easy-to-follow step by step cooking instructions thereby motivating anyone to cook.  Most of the recipes can be made with easily available ingredients.

Let us know a brief about you?

Hi, I am Padhu, owner of and   An optimistic and a creative person, a fitness enthusiast, mother of 2 adorable children and a person with diverse interests. Basically I am a post graduate in Social science and also have a PGD in Counseling and Guidance but my passion for cooking led me to start my own cookery website. My inquisitive mind has made me venture into various fields like gardening, beauty, cooking and yoga.

How did you get attracted to Food Blogging? Tell us a little about the journey, how long have you been in food blogging?

I came to know about blogging in 2006 through by father. I started a blog on beauty but was not serious about it. I deleted that blog and then in 2007, I started my first website which focuses on Natural Health & Beauty Care. I started  after that in 2008 which focuses on Indian Vegetarian recipes. I love experimenting in the kitchen. Actually I only wanted to digitalize the recipes I try in my kitchen and whatever I have collected over the years, so that it will be useful for my children and others out there. But then I got hooked to it and I started enjoying it. It is 4 years since I have been blogging. I feel so happy to share many healthy and traditional recipes, some of which have even disappeared from the modern kitchen.

Who motivated or supported you from your family?

The credit goes to both my kids who appreciate and enjoy my dishes. I try various new and healthy dishes for them. I was so happy to see my kids relish the food I prepare. I love to cook for them and it is one of my ways to show my affection for them. In order to make them happy, I started preparing a variety of dishes. I thank my kids for their motivation and constant support.

Tell us about your favorite recipes?

lauki sabji Interview With Padhu Founder PadhusKitchen and HealthBeautyTips

I share only recipes which I love and which I have tried in my kitchen. I love all the recipes I have posted, so you must check out my Recipe Index

Who has been your biggest influence?

The greatest influence in my life is my father.  He taught me many values that define who I am today. He is no more now. When it comes to cooking, it is my mother who is my biggest influence.

Do you offer food consultant services on your blog to users?

At present, I do not have time for all that though I get offers from restaurants to create some kid friendly recipes for them.

As a food blogger, you may work as a food writer, an Author, food consultant and food photographer which one of these would you love the most?

Everything mentioned above is equally important for a food blogger but personally I love cooking and food photography.

Describe your Normal Day?

I am early raiser and never miss my morning walk. Then I cook for the family, do all the household chores and finish everything by mid morning. I work as a full time blogger. I set weekly realistic goals for myself and make it a point to finish all that work by the end of the week. I cook, take pictures, edit, work on getting posts written, respond to all the emails I get every day and answer questions about the recipes. In the evening I spend time in my garden and with my family and work again for 1 hour at night. I go to bed early.

 Is food photography similar to normal photography, how different and difficult it is?

Actually I do not know anything about photography before blogging. It is only after I started my food blog did I learn about photography. I felt that a good food photograph is necessary to gain the attention to the dish. It needs lot of patience, practice and dedication. I am just an amateur when it comes to photography and there is so much there for me to learn about photography. I have still a long way to go.

How important is it for the blogger to interact with their readers? Do you respond to all the comments that you receive?

It is very important to interact with the readers. So I do take time to respond to all emails I receive. Due to time constraint, sometimes, I do not respond to all comments.

Do you sell food items on your website or online? Let us know about it?


Do you consider yourself as a food blogger or a food entrepreneur?

At present, I am happy as a food blogger.

Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?

I want Padhuskitchen to be a household name.

Share us your free time activities, hobbies

I have a small kitchen garden in my backyard where I grow few vegetables using natural fertilizers. I am very much interested in waste management. I compost my kitchen waste and use that manure for my garden. My other interests include listening to music, yoga and crafts.

Any advice or suggestion do you want to give to a newbie?

One needs passion and interest to be a successful blogger. Have your own style which is very important and stay focused. If there is quality, visitors will definitely enjoy coming to your site and will refer it to their friends, family members and others.  Apart from that persistence is a very important factor.

Never give up.

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 Interview With Padhu Founder PadhusKitchen and HealthBeautyTips

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 Interview With Padhu Founder PadhusKitchen and HealthBeautyTips

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