Make Money Online by Writing E-Books

Today I want to share my story behind choosing e-books as my career and how I make money. After 3 years being as a freelance writer I wanted to change my way of earning, I started writing e-books since then. Though I was getting pretty cool income of $2000-$3000 a month from freelance writing, I figured out the beauty of making a good reliable income from e-book marketing, which makes use of all my skills and creates good income.

Why e-books?

E-books are better over printed ink and paper books, as e-books do not need any initial investment, you can start by investing your thoughts and time. The profit you get from e-books marketing almost what your sales is.

Two ways of earning on your e-books

Make money by selling your e-books

For this you need to write a good high quality content that can be of anything which has the potential to attract some customers. You can get money by directly selling e-books to the customers. For this, all you need to do is promote your e-book using your website and the other niche websites in your loop, links go viral on internet. You can go for affiliate programs for promoting and increasing the sales of your e-books.
Click-bank and E-junkies are the market places I use to promote my products. These are the best options for getting good affiliate marketers online. There are lots of people who are interested in promoting your products. All you need to do is just create a product and fix some commission and see the money coming into your account.

Money from Giveaways

Every 3months I will design a brand new e-book just for giving them for free on different niche blogs I don’t even take a single penny but what I do is embedding affiliate links in the content of the e-book. When users make purchase through these links I will get my commission and mostly I use this for promoting my own products. Money I earn by these giveaways is higher than what I get from my e-book sales.
I see lot of people embed affiliate links in their paid e-books it is not wrong to do embed links in paid content but one should take care the customer should not be obsessed with links when they read the content.
I add this blog also to my network so I can have constant monitoring. I’ve already started creating my free e-book from this quarter I will give my freebies in this blog also. Don’t think I’m doing this just for getting some affiliate links and making money believe me my freebies contain useful information for personal development content it is very informative and useful.
If anyone of you is making money with your e-book marketing please share your thoughts.