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SEO is the one word that every webmaster worries the most. It is crucial to have a good SEO Score for the growth and visibility of a blog, website or an online enterprise. To rescue website owners from, lot of websites   offer SEO tips and tricks, but only few people offer Expert SEO solution and recent SEO updates. Nandita, founder of SEO Hour, is one of the few best SEO Practitioners in India. Read Nandita’s Journey

Nandita B Founder of SEOHour

 Let us know a brief about you and SEOHour?

My name is Nandita B and I’m the Founder and Chief Editor of SEOHour.

I have a master degree in Science and a bachelor degree in Education. An extremely busy Indian housewife with a beautiful daughter (6 yrs) and a great husband.

I call SEOHour “A Webmaster’s Magazine.” It’s my online canvas where I paint my thoughts every day, and convey my knowledge to fellow SEOs, Bloggers and Marketers. You can call it a one-stop-shop for webmasters where he or she gets everything a webmaster needs, without strolling around the web for different things.

MoneyCtl changed to SEOHour, is there any story behind MoneyCtl?

Ya, I started my blogging career from founded on 11.11.2011. Initially it was a financial blog. I had even published few successful articles about finance at the beginning of my career.

One day I stumbled upon a word called “SEO” while surfing the web aimlessly, and God, my entire life changed after that moment.

On Mar 2nd, 2013, I changed my domain name MoneyCtl to SEOHour due to a domain name infringement issue. Because it was mimicking a famous financial portal in India.

How did you get attracted to SEO and Blogging? Tell us a little about your journey, how long have you been blogging?

As I’ve said earlier the three letter word “SEO” changed my entire life. The very next thing I did was rushed to the nearest book store and picked up a SEO book called “The Art Of SEO” by Eric Enge.

I’m blogging since last one and half years, the day I founded MoneyCtl on 11.11.2011 (Nov 11, 2011). I don’t consider my work on SEOHour as blogging. It’s the process or medium I connect with my fellow webmasters.

How did you learn SEO, website design and online marketing?

I don’t have any formal training about SEO or web-designing. When there is a will there’s a way. I’ve learned everything on my own. From books and others’ blogs.

Who has been your biggest influence?

My all time favorites are Brian Clark of Copyblogger from whom I’m still learning “the art of copywriting” and Danny Sullivan of SearchEngineLand.

I also respect Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s web-spam team for his efforts to make the web a beautiful place and completely spam-free.

“SEOHour” by its name it is all about SEO, Do you offer SEO services to peer bloggers?

Due to my busy life I’m not offering any kind of SEO Services to other webmasters and bloggers at present. Yes, in future I’m planning to offer consultation services in a big way.

Do you consider yourself as a blogger or SEO consultant or internet marketer or web-designer, which you like and do the most?

I teach everything a webmaster needs on my blog SEOHour. So I don’t consider myself only a SEO practitioner, or blogger, or a digital marketer.

But yes, Search Engine Optimization is my first love.

Tell us some business lessons you have learned in your journey?

One thing is clear – the web is hungry, it’s extremely hungry for content. Just find the demand-supply gap, I mean the exact keywords or language your target consumers are using, and fill the gap with awesome stuff. That’s it. You are on your way to success.

What is the best way of monetizing a blog? Affiliate or Ad networks or paid reviews?

There is no “one size fits all” kind of answer for everybody when monetizing a blog. It varies from blogger to blogger. But a combination of different monetizing options like AdSense, Ad networks, Affiliate Marketing and Paid Reviews works great.

Describe your normal day.

As a housewife I remain completely busy till evening. I spend 4 to 6 hours every day, specially in the evening for writing articles and reading. I must admit I’m a voracious reader. I can read for 24 hours without food, water, and even a cup of coffee.

Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?

I want to make SEOHour “the best knowledge- bank for webmasters.” I’m planning to extend the article-bank of by another 2K in next 4 years. Along with quality guest blogging, I’ll hire paid writers for my blog.

Huh! 10 years is a quite long time. If not in the 7th heaven, definitely on Cloud 9.

Share us your free time activities, hobbies

I like music a lot. Specially love to play keyboard. I also go for jogging and swimming to keep myself fit.

Any advice or suggestion do you want to give to newbie bloggers?

There is a clear line between blogging for fun or blog to maintain a personal diary. If you are planning to be a professional blogger or serious blogger to make money out of blogging then you have to be organized. Organized to the extent of a CEO of multimillion dollar MNC.

There is no substitute of hard work and determination.

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