Tips in Choosing the Right Motivational Speakers

Disappointment, stress and exhaustion are becoming a part of our daily lives. All of us have gone through these at certain levels at some point in our lives. While an advice coming from a good friend or another member of the family may be helpful, there are instances when listening to motivational speakers is just what we need to bring back that lost morale and positivity.Motivation

You often hear these speakers give talks in various conferences, forums and counseling sessions, but how can you determine the right one that will fit your own schedule and needs? Here are simple tips that may help you choose the best speaker.

1.    Consider the theme.

Find a motivational speaker who suits the theme of the discussion – whether it’s about financial freedom, having a positive outlook, reaching success at work and etc. It’s essential to hire a speaker that can cover all points related to the theme, so that listeners can easily understand and apply what they have learned from that discussion.

2.    Ask around.

In finding the best motivational speakers, consider the word of mouth referrals. Chances are, these recommended professional speakers already established good reputation to all their listeners.

3.    Call an agent.

If you’re having a hard time getting the schedule of your preferred speaker, you can tap an agent to do it for you. Normally, these agents are knowledgeable in providing alternative speakers who can give talks to the same kind of audience if your preferred speaker is no longer available. However, be cautious about contacting agents online. A lot of them claim that they are agents but one good question to ask them is if they already see that speaker conduct a talk.

4.    Look around with caution.

Again, always be cautious about hiring agents to book a motivational speaker. Normally, agents just get their commission from the fee that’s given to the speaker. Fake agents take the opportunity to lure clients in paying an amount that’s double or triple the speaker’s fee. How to get rid of this one? Also, ask the speaker about his fee and inform both parties about the rate. That way, they cannot take advantage of your hard earned money. If the agent or the speaker doesn’t want to discuss the fees involved, it’s time to look for another one.

5.    Gather verbal and written references.

In booking motivational speakers through agents, it’s recommended to gather supporting references. Don’t just settle for the agent’s claims of seeing those speakers in action. Hiring professional speakers should be worthy that’s why it’s essential to research about their reputation. Aside from that, you can also ask your preferred speaker to provide written references upfront, so you can check his level of expertise and experience in the industry.

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6.    Negotiate with a contract.

Usually, an agent automatically prepares a contract. The next thing to consider in the contract, aside from the speaker’s fee, is the cancellation fee. Never work with a speaker who still wants a 100% cancellation fee even if you cancel the event in advance.

Another thing that you should carefully consider is the travel cost. Some invited speakers insist to ride a business class plane while majority are happy to attend the event riding an economy class. We highly advise you to carefully negotiate travel arrangements with the invited speakers. Take note that the travel cost should always be lower than the speaker’s fee.

7.    Conduct a briefing.

Several top-notch motivational speakers are too busy attending personal briefing with their clients. However, make it a point to catch up with them even via phone call to set expectations before the actual day. It will be helpful to remind him the important details including the type of audience who will listen to the talk and what the event theme is all about. This is to ensure that he will not stick to his usual “canned” presentation, but conduct a talk that’s specifically designed for that event, instead.

Remember that your reputation is also on the line. If you fail to get the right and appropriate speaker for a particular event, it will also be a point against you. Again, research is the key! You can check our site for more relevant information about hiring a speaker. By checking our  motivational speakers site you can get in touch with a speaker who can deliver the right entertainment and motivation based on your goals and objectives.

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Motivational speakers are very important nowadays. The above post help us in selecting a right motivational speaker.