Why Your Blog Sucks and Fails At Google Search

I created high quality content for my blog, and I did promote my blog in all the possible ways on Internet Online and Offline. Still I get less traffic to my blog. It sucks

Why Your Blog Sucks and Fails At Google Search 300x199 Why Your Blog Sucks and Fails At Google Search

Why Your Blog Sucks and Fails At Google Search

Why My Blog Fails at Google Search?

You want to know the answer, then read ON.

Blogging is not rocket science, it is not complex, anyone can get success and become a ProBlogger with effort, focus and patience. Do you agree? YES. All we know these basic strategies of successful bloggers.

Why most bloggers fail before they can see their seed germination? Only few bloggers turn to become Famous.

Lets start with Blogging Theory. Blogging is all about content creation and Marketing (or promoting) the content. You might have done a mistake in creating Content or Promoting your blog. Content creation is completely your choice, as it depends on what your blog is intended to. So DO some research on your niche and create high quality content for your blog.

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How to promote your blog content once you posted

You must promote your content after every blog post, as you can not trust Google to get readers to your blog. So promote yourself. Lets have a check list of different ways of promoting content online.

Promoting On Social Media

Social media is the easy and effective way of sharing your content online. Your blog will Keep a list of social networking sites you have built a good network (relationships) with others.

Checklist of Social Media

  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Digg
  • Tumblr

after you publish blog post, the next thing is to share it on all the networks. Don’t miss any one, those are precious.

Article Submission

Article submission sites accept your blog content and publish on their directory. You will get a link back to your blog and as most of the bloggers do this you will get noticed by many other bloggers in your niche. Start submitting to these social blogging communities.

Checklist Social Blogging sites

  • BlogEngage
  • Blokube
  • BizSugar
  • BlogInteract
  • Other Social Blogging Communities

Forum Participation

Most bloggers hang out at forums. Forums help in great way to get help from other expert bloggers and get connected with other experts. So give your active participation in different Forums to build relationships with others and popularize your blog with the help of other bloggers.

Forums Checklist 

  • Warrior Forums
  • Bookforum
  • SEO Forums

Try to answer other newbie blogger questions and build good reputation with them.

Starting and properly managing a blog is a great means of advertising for a business, and can be the most efficient way to promote your products and message.  There are plenty of ways businesses can make their operations more efficient, like advertising/marketing, online services, and VoIP providers.  Consider all of them if you wish to make your business as effective as possible.

Blog Commenting

Every blogger likes to have good number of comments on their blogs, so all blogs welcome readers to comment on their blog. Read other blogs in your niche and post valuable comments on their blog. Don’t post spam comments. Blog owners will not publish your comment unless they find it relative and useful. So spend some good time at other blogs to comment, show your enthusiasm and genuineness through your comments.

If you follow these checklists you will be the next Problogger.

It’s easy …..  Don’t think its easy

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Promoting for the first time is easy and fun. But as the days pass by, most bloggers will become lazy and forget promoting their content. So list all these things on a paper and keep a checklist at your desk.

Do you have any other ways to stop your blog to fail at Google. Share Your ways.

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 Why Your Blog Sucks and Fails At Google Search

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 Why Your Blog Sucks and Fails At Google Search

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